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Servicing the Inland Empire and San Diego county.


Roof service

Roof was resurfaced

 Common reasons for roof leaks can include caulking that has dried out and pulled away from the seams, normal aging from sun exposure, physical damage from tree branches and weather. Ladder mounts and roof racks where leaking tends to occur around mounting points and screws.

RV roof repair services:

* Fiberglass/rubber repair  

* Roof resurfacing

* Scrape and seal maintance

* Vent instalation


Decals and graphics

Peeling, cracked and faded decals can be a real eye sore.The most common cause of this is due to weatherization.Using adhesives or glues to re-attach can lead to damage on fiberglass and gel coat as well as costly repairs.For long term we recommend removal of graphics and paint them on.

RV body repair/ paint

We use the highest quality materials on every Rv that we touch.We pride ourselves on qualty and efficiency.

* Dupont certified

* Fiberglass /body repairs

* Aluminum baggage door fabrication

*Custom paint schemes

* Custom Raptor lining

Professional Interior Detail

B.S.A RV Paint Worx is now offering professional RV interior cleaning for your unit .

RV less than 25 ft.     $115.00

RV 26 ft -    32 ft.      $165.00

Rv larger than 32ft.   $215.00


   Final price will be determined among inspection of unit .              

Included in this service:

*Interior Dusted / Cleaned

*Interior Vacuumed 

*Bathroom Cleaned, Water Spots Removed,

Sanitized and Mopped.

*Kitchen Cleaned: Oven, Sink and Counters

*Refrigerator: Cleaned / Degreased

*Base Boards: Cleaned / Degreased.

     *Extras *

           Window Sills

            Light Fixtures

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